On Being (a student) and (having enough) Time

There is a very funny and insightful Youtube cartoon video up by Seferin that covers terrain in philosophy that is not my own, but that raises some general issues that I’m very familiar with in graduate student education.  It doesn’t have regular captions, but some accessibility is made possible here via the automatic translation program that Youtube is still putting through it’s paces–more on this below if you want to check it out).  Here’s the video:

But MUCH funnier and insightful, and I think a minor work of genius, is Serefin’s recent follow up post:

Constructing this entirely from the comments on the first video is more than a nice touch.   To understand it, of course, you’ll have to read Heidegger’s Being and Time.  And who, really, has enough of either to do that … except a graduate student?

Direct access and captioning. If you want to get these directly on Youtube, and try out the automatic audio-to-text captioning there, click here for the first video, and here for the second.  Just click on one of the translation options under “captions” or “cc”.   The first video is a translation-scramble, but the second video comes up pretty well, translation-wise, chiefly because the accent on one of the characters is standard North Americanese (whatever that is, exactly), rather than German.


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