Brain Injury Dialogues

Received this from an email list I’m on and thought some might be interested.



Brain Injury Dialogues is an engaging documentary that  was written and co directed by me, a brain injury survivor of 18 years, and my friend, veteran filmmaker Lyell Davies, who is on the faculty of the City University of New York.

We have priced our documentary at $25, making it easily affordable for virtually any library, media center, or as an instructional aid.

Public performance rights are included with our price.

Brain Injury Dialogues reveals many invisible aspects of this hidden disability; viewers see the wide range of deficits that survivors must face, both physically and mentally, and learn how no two brain injuries are ever alike.

Over the course of the film, stories unfold of five survivors, including myself,  showing some of struggles we face like; with emotions, changing boundaries in inhibitions, physical and mental fatigue, loss of memory, over-stimulation of the senses, and loss of income and companions.  An even wider view is added by interviews and commentary with disability experts like notable disability advocate Zona Roberts of Berkeley, CA and Teacher/ Counselor Becky Stone of the College of Alameda.

Brain Injury Dialogues … Running time: 52 minutes, closed captioned, with an additional 25-minute bonus feature of brain injury advocate Mark Sherry of the University of Toledo speaking with support group members at a public library.

To read more viewer comments, view trailers, or to order the DVD, visit;

Thanks for your support!

Rick Franklin

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