Huntington Society of Canada Conference 2010

I know this is a bit short notice, but the Huntington’s Society of Canada is hosting their annual conference in Edmonton. Starting today (Thursday) at 7:30 pm at the Sutton Place Hotel, the conference will attempt to highlight both the current research around Huntington disease and the lived experience of those with Huntington.

Of particular interest for What Sorts blog readers are the sessions on genetic discrimination. One of the groups that will be presenting at the conference is the newly established Canadian Coalition for Genetic Fairness, and they are “dedicated to establishing protections against genetic discrimination for all Canadians.”

I think the conference should also be interesting because there will be presentations from families facing Huntington’s disease and the complex relationship society has with those bearing an inherited disease.

Check out the HSC’s website, and the conference schedule pdf is included in the second link.


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