History of Biology Seminar and Informatics Workshop


2011 MBL-ASU History of Biology Seminar:
History of Cell BiologyMay 15 -21, 2011 in Woods Hole, MA


The MBL-ASU History of Biology Seminar is an intensive week for graduate students, postdoctoral associates, younger scholars, and established researchers in the life sciences, history, philosophy, and the social sciences. This year’s seminar will explore late 19th and 20th century history of cell biology, including Wilson’s classic Cell, cell lineage, Boveri’s studies of the relative importance of nucleus and cytoplasm to current MBL Director Gary Borisy’s work on mitotic apparatus of cell division, and retired MBL scientist Shinya Inoue’s brilliant work with light microscopy.
Organizers: Jane Maienschein (maienschein@asu.edu) and Manfred Laubichler (manfred.laubichler@asu.edu).
History and Philosophy of Science Informatics Workshop May 23 – 26, 2011
This session grows out of the Digital HPS Collaborative led by the NSF-funded Embryo Project at Arizona State, in collaboration with the Marine Biological Laboratory and the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin. (See embryo.asu.edu and www.digitalhps.org/index.php/Main_Page for more information.) We seek to introduce HPS researchers to informatics skills and ideas. Participants should have some basic experience with using digital resources (databases, websites, and search tools), though we expect everyone to have different skill sets, experiences, and needs. We plan to build on this summer’s session to provide a regular and valuable offering for the community. We will be led by informaticians as well as HPS researchers. Mornings will begin with lectures, and afternoons will include work on a collaborative project leading to products to be edited and added to the new MBL HPS Program website.
Deadline to apply for the Seminar and the Workshop: January 31st, 2011

In addition: a special Application is Online at: http://www.cbs.asu.edu/mbl_seminar/seminars/2011.php


Preference for admission will be given to those attending both sessions.
MBL-ASU Seminar Directors: John Beatty, University of British Columbia (john.beatty@ubc.edu); James Collins, Arizona State University (jcollins@asu.edu); Jane Maienschein, Arizona State University (maienschein@asu.edu)
The MBL-ASU Program is funded by Arizona State University. For more information about the seminar, past topics, updates, and application information, please visit: www.cbs.asu.edu/mbl_seminar.

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