50 Excellent Ethics Blogs Every Science Stdent Should Read

The What Sorts Blog has been added to the list of 50 excellent ethics blog as number 38.  I do not think these are in any chronological order, but my opinion might differ if the What Sorts blogwas number  4.  Check out this site at: http://www.mastersdegree.net/blog/2010/50-excellent-ethics-blogs-every-science-student-should-read/

While the short description of the What Sorts blog is not accurate, I felt I had explore each blog and decide if their descriptions were equally inaccurate. Yes many of them are, but this site gathers many blogs that are worthy of exploration and many that would be of interest to  the What Sorts bloggers. Philosophy, ethics, bioethics, neuroethics and law. The list includes so many great blogs that you should be forewarned to arrange the amount of time you will spend exploring before hand so you do not get lost in reading and subscribing to too many of these blogs.

Happy exploring and be sure to pass on the information to your students and others who may be interested!


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