“Girl X”, the National Theatre of Scotland’s new production for Spring 2011

The National Theatre of Scotland will present with an original play based on the Ashley X case and its controversy. Robert Softley, wheelchair user, public speaker, actor and script writer who started the project four years ago, has written two posts on this in the theater’s blog.

http://nationaltheatrescotland.wordpress.com/2011/01/24/girl-x-blog-1/ http://nationaltheatrescotland.wordpress.com/2011/01/31/girl-x-blog/

You will find about Softley here.

There’s also a Facebook page for Girl X.


According to the Facebook info, it is a story about a hysterectomy request from the mother of Girl X (11) who has severe cerebral palsy. When the doctors accept the request, the Greed chorus asks ethical questions and performer and disabled rights activist Robert Softley challenges them.

There’s already a debate going on on the Facebook page and it seems like the Katie Thorpe debate rekindled.

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