Lawmaker advocates eugenics

In an article written by Shira Schoenberg on March 11, 2001,  a 91-year-old American state representative told a constituent that he believes in eugenics and that the world would be better off without “defective people.”

The author asks if the representative should be espousing personal views as a state official and questions if this representatives view is shared by other Republicans. Another Representative suggests that being 91 year of age gives someone the right to say whatever they think – is that true? Does self  responsibility diminish as we age? 

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One thought on “Lawmaker advocates eugenics

  1. You know, I hear such negative things stated about children/adults with developmental or medical diversity…

    From day one when I was handed a single page from an archaic medical text-book which stated I may expect my beautiful, precious, baby girl (born with a rare genetic duplication syndrome, Tetrasomy 18p) to develop into no more than an “imbecile.” Such a disgusting, loathesome phrase and so unfair, untrue! Next, told be experts that viewed my child that she probably would not walk, talk, see, nor know that we were her family…. I look back at the child who did NOT walk… because she RAN everywhere. She did talk and the last word she ever uttered with love was her brother’s name. She saw through eyes with fascination; when we traveled across Canada, she hardly slept, but only because she was so intent on taking in all the sights! When we returned, she sat and often picked up a photo album which she intently paged through memories. And, not know her family? When Samantha did not have words, she used sign – appropriately – to name everyone in our home; she cried when she had to leave us; she became excited when her school bus rounded the corner to our home saying, “mom, mom, mom”. I think about how much that little soul endured and how she bounced back. She had so much LOVE left within her that she never ceased to grow in every aspect of her development and do so with smiles.

    I don’t know of any adult who I would consider as strong as that little girl… she was a survivor. Persons refer to ‘our’ special children as “suffering”, yet more often than not, their is great peace and joy in their beings. However, what makes these ignorant utterances more difficult to digest is when they are spewed from the mouths of leaders; persons in positions that we are suppose to look up to and respect.

    During Public Fatality Inquiry for my little girl, an Alberta Justice solicitor referred to my daughter as an, “IT.” They are the ignorant ones who are truly the defective members of society with an absence of heart and blindness of mind, not the children.

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