Here We Go Again: Canada Bars Family of Autistic Teen

Recently, we told you about an immigration restriction case involving a family living in Montreal. We then told you about the resolution of that case.

As evidence that the recent case was not an isolated incident, this Ottawa Citizen article describes a similar case.

Though this case is similar, it is even more surprising since the disabled person wasn’t even the one trying to come to Canada.

The federal government has barred 17-year-old Lewis Crowe, who lives with his mother in England, from living in Canada because he has autism. Furthermore, he cannot visit the country without the permission of the immigration department.

Stranger still is his father and stepmother, Robert and Pauline Crowe, are “inadmissible” as permanent residents because of Lewis’s disability.

Lewis has never asked to live in Canada, and the Crowes only applied for permanent-resident cards for themselves. Lewis lives near London with his mother, Lucy Hailey, who has custody of the teen. Robert says the chances of Lewis moving to Canada are too remote for consideration.

As the Council of Canadians with Disabilities points out

The rejection of their application “is strange (because) the government seems to be discriminating against the Crowe family simply because they are associated with a person with a disability who is not even seeking to immigrate to Canada.”

You can read the full story here.


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