Two Edmonton Fringe Plays on Eugenics and Ableism

The Edmonton International Fringe Festival is all set to do its thing.  This year, there are two plays related to, and sponsored by the What Sorts Network and the Living Archives on Eugenics in Western Canada project.  If you’re going to the Fringe, you might want to check them out.

“The Book of Jobes” is a play by LAE team member, Dr. Heidi Janz, and is being performed by Lone Sparrow Productions.  Here’s the blurb:

Based on the lived-experience of playwright Heidi Janz. “The Book of Jobes” is a Biblical allegory in which the protagonist, Rachel Jobes, a woman who has Cerebral Palsy, seeks to make sense of her life, her identity, and the infinite quirkiness of Providence, in the wake of a random attack.

You can see the schedule and order tix, here.

“Aleugenta” is a play that originated in Chad Drever’s early interest in LAE work a few years ago, a play that drew on his interactions with LAE team members Leilani Muir and Judy Lytton, both of whom lived at the Provincial Training School for Mental Defectives during the 1950s and 1960s.  Zephyr, the collective who have developed the play and will perform it, describe it as follows:

Dot my t’s and cross my eyes all we know are dirty little lies. Join Zephyr as they recreate the feebleminded threat that allowed a province to involuntarily sterilize children which it deemed “unfit”. However, don’t ask us to hold your hand, because God knows where we will take you.

You can order tickets for Aleugenta, and see when it is playing, here.

Some of us will be going to Jobes on Sunday, 14th August, 4.45pm, and to Aleugenta on Tuesday, 16th August, at 2.30pm.  Email me on if you want to join us; we’ll go for a beer afterwards to discuss the plays.


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