Leilani Muir interview on The Current

For those that missed it, Leilani Muir was interviewed last week on CBC’s The Current about her experiences in Red Deer’s Provincial Training Centre and her forced sterilization. You can listen to the interview here. CBC gives the following preview:

She was little girl unloved and unsuspecting when her parents drove her up the hill in Red Deer Alberta. It was a moment that would forever change Leilani Muir’s life, abandoned to people zealously experimenting with eugenics. What they would do to her would result in anguish and eventually lawsuits . Today, Leilani Muir, now in her 60s is ready to tell her story.

A followup to the interview in the form of listener responses and an interview with Heather Pringle, Canadian non-fiction author and journalist, can be found here. Listener responses include the stories of those who worked at the Provincial Training Centre. Another listener questions who, precisely, should be blamed for Leilani’s treatment, arguing that Leilani’s mother is ultimately the one most responsible.


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