Mixed Britannia

In October 2011, BBC released a documentary series entitled “Mixed Britannia.”  A related news article can be found at the link below:


The first couple of parts spend quite a bit of time touching on the pseudo-science of eugenics in Britain, and the role it played in shaping its society, as well as its views on women.

The Racial Hygiene Society focused in the early 1900s on looking at race, and most specifically, mixed race.  As one quote from the documentary stated, even if Britain was becoming more tolerant of race, it was felt that “races should be brothers, not brothers-in-law.”  Mixed race children were thought to be “lower stock” and “degenerating” the general population.

Ironically, mixed race children of Asian heritage often scored better on IQ tests for British researchers, leading the British focus to land on mixed-Arab and mixed-Black children.  The documentary admits that it wasn’t until after the eugenics measures of Nazi germany were released that ambitions to install eugenics measures were abandoned.  An interesting case tells of a British policeman who opposed communities where mixed children were allowed to live, but after World War II changed his views, claiming that such communities were necessary and positive.  Later in life, his great-granddaughter would marry a man of mixed race.

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