Canada’s Live Euthanasia Debate Tonight

15 March 2011 Tonight from 8 to Midnight Eastern Time Global News is hosting a live blog on whether it is a good idea for parents to be permitted to kill their children who have severe disabilities. The three-person panel that they have assembled for this are all advocates for euthanasia of people with severe disabilities, including convicted murderer Robert Latimer. Please consider taking part in this, and if you think killing people with disabilities is a bad idea, please say so. Also please let others who care about this issue know about this.  Global’s information about this “Taking Mercy” event can be found here. This debate directly will address the question of “What Sorts of People Should there Be?”

3 thoughts on “Canada’s Live Euthanasia Debate Tonight

  1. Some of the most beautiful individuals I have come to know are those who would fall under the misnomer that persons with outward-looking diversity are somehow less valuable than any other life. One child in particular comes to mind; a little girl that I had the pleasure of working with who was born prematurely and as a consequence, diagnosed a severe case of C.P. (Cerebral Palsy.) While she was unable to move on her own, lift her head or speak, the wheels in her head were spinning full force. Just the click of a key turning the door-latch, sparked her attention and with the sound of her mom’s voice, the biggest grin you could imagine! Sadly, she passed a couple of years ago due to a seizure. The church in which service was held could barely contain all of the visitors who came to celebrate her life. The little girl’s classmates all attended; there was not a dry eye for the little girl remembered so fondly by all who were graced to know her. Just because a body may not appear “perfect” on the outside, does not mean that the soul is less perfect! This is the primarily the point I would like to make.

    My own daughter, Samantha, was born with a genetic condition which created developmental challenges; yet she certainly was kind and funny; had a sense of humour and mischievously enjoyed teasing her brothers (which she was smart enough to know not to do if mom or dad were watching, but instead wait until she thought no adult would catch her!) And, if she was mad and sent to “time-out”, look out: That girly girl would stomp off loudly and pout with her bottom lip sticking out, but show up within minutes to sign “sorry” and really mean it. Samantha was strong; I don’t know anyone else as strong as I believe she was!

    It may take the birth of one’s own child – or grandchild – who is compromised by a random medical error. It may be an accident that takes the use of your or a loved one’s legs. It may be that you walk into a clinic tomorrow and are diagnosed with a degenerative condition or cancer, but I assure you that one day you will look back and remember… All life is precious. None of us have control over most health factors. Each of us will age and will be at the mercy of someone’s judgement of worth.


    Velvet Martin,
    Proud mother of Samantha Martin, angel, who has accomplished much more in 13 short years on earth – including amendment in legislation within Alberta to better humanity – than what many adults who live to be aged may ever achieve: SAMANTHA’S LAW

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