Articles and Audio clips on the closure of Michener

Headlines read: Michener Centre formerly the Provincial Training School (PTS) for Mental Defectives closes – celebration for some but not for everyone

A series of articles have been written about the closure of the Michener Centre.  Living Archives team members, Leilani Muir and Bruce Uditisky have commented to reporters about their reactions to the closure. Both applaud the decision but many others criticize the decision to close Michener. The loss of jobs and the disruption for current residents are concerns for supporters of the institution.  However, amidst mixed reaction the Michener stands as a reminder of our recent history of eugenics and the institutionalization of thousands of individuals. The shift towards a more inclusive society and away from isolation and initialization is a change towards recognizing and perhaps even appreciating human variation.

Here are links to several different articles:

Edmonton Journal by Karen Kleiss:

Edmonton Journal by Paula Simons:

Edmonton Sun by Jackie Larson: This article focuses on the opposition to the closure.

Red Deer Advocate by Randy Fielder:

Local concerns over the closure are highlighted in this article. One relative suggests that the closure is best for those living at Michener and briefly explains how her relative received better care once they moved their sibling out of Michener.

A CBC radio clip (7:44 minutes) on the closure can be found here:

Guest speaker is a supporter of Michener and does not want the centre to close. A short clip from Bruce Uditsky is included.

The Canadian Association of Community Living (CACL) issues a response to the closure of Michener:

A series of quotes from individuals and organizations who favor the closure of Michener.


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