Hope is NOT a Plan

Canadians with disabilities are about one and a half times as likely to be victims of violence as other Canadians. People with disabilities in Canada have civil rights on paper but not in practice. Canadian citizens, everyday, have their civil rights ruthlessly violated by their government.  This has to be stopped, because Hope is Not a Plan!

56% of Canadians over 75 are disabled. The majority of Canadians will live into their 80s. This means, You or Someone close to you will likely get a disability. Most Canadians with Disabilities DO NOT have a practical way to enforce their civil rights…..watch the trailer here: Hope is NOT a Plan

The website is here: http://urbansherpafilms.com/hopeisnotaplan/

Check out the “Tough People” for the background on people appearing in this film. Then view the movie for free here: http://vimeopro.com/urbansherpafilms/hope-is-not-a-plan/video/64462798

You can donate here: http://urbansherpafilms.com/hopeisnotaplan/contact-us/

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