LifeSiteNews on Baby Isaiah, Katya Sansalone, and Annie Farlow

This up yesterday at EDMONTON, Alberta, January 20, 2010 ( – While Isaac and Rebecka May, the Canadian couple who are fighting for their new-born baby’s life, are awaiting a January 27th judgment on their petition for a 90-day injunction against their hospital’s order to remove their baby Isaiah’s ventilator, some advocates for the […]

DisRespect interviews with Barb Farlow, Sam Sansalone

I’m re-posting this May 15th post, since Disrespect has just re-run an interview with Sam Sansalone about his daughter Katya from earlier this year. The directions below will allow you to get to Sam’s interview, which was re-run on 22nd October; the podcast should be up there for the next few weeks. The two are […]

On Justice for Annie Farlow

The following letter was sent today regarding the case of Annie Farlow. For more info, see and the Facebook group Justice for Annie. Those who share the concerns expressed in the letter, especially those in Ontario, are encouraged to contact their MLAs or the Premier about the case and express your concern. The Honourable […]

DisRespect Radio Broadcast: Barb Farlow and Rob Wilson

Many of you have likely been following the case of Annie Farlow (Here is a listing of all our Annie Farlow posts) and were looking forward to listening to yesterday’s radio interview of Barb Farlow and Rob Wilson by Geoff Langhorne. If you are unfamiliar with the case then this interview should provide a succinct […]

Radio Interview on Annie Farlow

Tune in to Geoff Langhorne ‘s DisRespect on 93.3 CFMU at McMaster at 12 noon EST on Thursday 14th May to hear a one hour radio interview with Barb Farlow and Rob Wilson on Annie’s case. You can get background on the Farlow case from the Facebook group Justice for Annie previous What Sorts […]

Civil Rights at Risk in the Annie Farlow Case

For background to this case, see the previous What Sorts posts linked to in this post. You can also join the new Facebook group Justice for Annie to support the Farlows and follow developments. CIVIL RIGHTS AT RISK: ACCESS TO JUSTICE Subject: Farlow vs. Hospital for Sick Children et al. Description: Motion by Hospital Threatens […]

Annie Farlow, Sickkids, and an Ontario Human Rights Commission hearing

Regular readers will recall the case of Annie Farlow from posts we’ve done over the past year (linked below the fold). Today Annie’s family issued a media release following a preliminary hearing at the Ontario Human Rights Commission concerning a claim against the very same hospital at the centre of the Baby Kaylee case that […]

Chromosomal microarray analysis, newgenics, and Annie Farlow

A recent news item in the Canadian Medical Association Journal by Roger Collier, Prenatal DNA test raises both hope and worries, discusses the relatively new prenatal diagnostic technique of chromosomal microarray analysis, contextualized by the case of Annie Farlow, which we have discussed in the posts What Sort of Death for Annie? and Deathmaking by […]

A voice for Annie and children with trisomy

Barbara Farlow has emailed to inform us about a recent publication in Pediatrics which gives a voice to parents and their children, like Annie, who have trisomy 13/18. Here are a few related links: The news release from the University of Montreal: Journal Abstract: Canadian Press Article (Helen Branswell):  Reuters: And a few videos about children […]

Life and Death Matters

Life and Death Matters: The Immediate Threat to People Who Have a Disability and the Need for Action is a one day event that will be held in conjunction with the 57th Annual Conference and Annual General Meeting of the Ontario Association for Community Living on Friday May 28, 2010 in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Some of […]

Baby Isaiah and Life and Death in Alberta

from the CTV Edmonton website, their story Baby Isaiah gets reprieve as judge asks for more time. Parents petitioning to force a hospital to keep their infant alive. Which country is this? You can read the full story, by Melissa Dominelli, at the link above. It starts: A city judge has decided she needs more […]

For the Love of Annie

There’s a recent interview with Barb Farlow up at Bloom–Parenting Kids with Disabilities–by Louise Kinross. It starts with the following background information: When Barb Farlow learned the baby she was carrying had Trisomy 13, her decision to continue the pregnancy “was immediate and innate, and in complete contrast to what I thought I might do,” […]

What sorts of Day for Persons with Disabilities?

3 December 2009 – Well here we are on December 3rd, The International Day for Persons with Disabilities. The United Nations and The World Health Organization have set this year’s goals as making the Millennium Development Goals inclusive. In New York, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced the appointment of Stevie Wonder as a 11th United […]

Bankruptcy for Justice?

On Monday, November 30th the National Post (a Canadian national newspaper) posted an update on their previous coverage of the Farlow court case. Those of you who are regular readers will recall that the Farlows have made serious allegations against Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. These allegations amount to the claim that doctors at Sick […]

Annie in the House, Ontario

Update: This questioning just took place, from 11.26 – 11.29am EST. Dunlop asked Minister Bartolucci, in his follow up question, why B had defended a coroner’s report that was acknowledged not to account for all the narcotics, and to have relied on putative documents that, in all likelihood, do not exist. The reply?: as Minister–i.e., […]

The US Healthcare Debate

During the time that I have worked with the What Sorts Network, I have often asked myself the following: Is the denial of care to persons with disabilities a necessary feature of universal healthcare or one that is entirely contingent on attitudes towards people with disabilities? If it’s a necessary feature, which system do we […]

What Would Darwin Do?

For those who have followed the Annie Farlow saga on this blog (e.g., What Sort of Death for Annie?; Deathmaking by medical neglect; Chromosomal microarray analysis, newgenics, and Annie Farlow; Annie Farlow, Sickkids, and an Ontario Human Rights Commission hearing; Charles Smith, the Toronto Hospital for Sick Kids, and the Coroner’s Office; On Justice for […]

Parents in Hospital Lawsuit Offer Deal

from the National Post, by Joseph Brean, June 23rd, 2009. [NB: this doesn’t fit completely with my own understanding of the case] TORONTO – The small claims court lawsuit over the controversial 2005 death in infancy of Annie Farlow at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children was thrown into confusion yesterday when her parents, citing a […]

A child’s death, a legal odyssey

from the National Post, by Joseph Brean, June 22nd, 2009: When Barbara Farlow stands, self-represented, in a Toronto courtroom this morning to hear a judge’s decision in her $10,000 Small Claims Court action against Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children over the controversial 2005 death of her baby Annie, there are two equally dramatic possibilities. Judge […]

Charles Smith, the Toronto Hospital for Sick Kids, and the Coroner’s Office

h/t to Harold Levy at The Charles Smith Blog, where more detail can be found: Peter Kormos, justice critic for the NDP in Ontario, recently delivered a scathing indictment in the Ontario Legislature of the handling of the case of Dr. Charles Randal Smith, a paediatric pathologist (posing as a forensic pathologist) whose actions led […]