1930s Drama Exposes Horrors of Forced Sterilization

Tomorrows Children

Tomorrow's Children

Tomorrow’s Children is a 1934 drama that intends to make a bold statements about everything that is wrong with forced sterilization.

Thanks to the magic of YouTube and the passage of time this film is both available for viewing and in the public domain. Continue reading

Ambivalence Amplification Theory

A lot of us, and I include myself, spend time talking about other people’s prejudices and biases toward people with disabilities, different ethnic or religious identities, sexual orientations, etc. It is an easy way of dividing the world neatly into the the good guys and the bad guys, us and them. It allows us to be self-righteously intolerant of “the intolerant” as we discuss societal attitudes as if we were disembodied spirits suspended someplace above the fray. However comforting as it may be to pretend we are immune from the bad attitudes that infect others, it is neither accurate nor helpful. Katz’s Ambivalence Amplification Theory provides a somewhat darker, but more useful way of understanding stigma,bias, and discrimination. Continue reading