Scope of Eugenics – Call for Submission – extended until March 1, 2015

The Scope of Eugenics
Call for Submissions

Eugenics Archives ( is pleased to announce a four-day workshop at the Banff Centre, May 22nd-25th, 2015, in Banff, Alberta. To acknowledge the significant contributions made by students to the Living Archives on Eugenics in Western Canada project over the past four years, we invite submissions from early career scholars—students and those within three years of completing their doctorates—from any discipline on topics related to eugenics and its contemporary significance.

Submissions should consist of a single document that includes a (i) summary abstract (<150 words), (ii) longer description (<750 words) outlining the presentation and explaining the relevance of the topic to eugenics, (iii) short biographical statement (<100 words), and (iv) CV. Possible topics include, but are in no way restricted to, the following :

Apologies to eugenics survivors Child welfare
Collective memory Human diversity
Nationalism Quality of life
Queer sexuality Roma peoples
Schizophrenia World Health Organization
Whiteness Particular Countries / Geographic Regions

The project director is happy to provide feedback to potential participants on these and other suggestions (e.g., on particular countries or regions of the world). Participants are expected to attend the whole workshop and to contribute a short article to, ideally based on their presentation, within one month of the workshop. Articles accessible via the Encyc or Around the World modules at the site indicate the type of article we have in mind.

Accommodation and meals for all workshop participants will be covered by Eugenics Archives. Participants will also be notified upon acceptance if we are able to cover in full, or contribute to in part, additional travel expenses. The workshop will allow for substantial opportunities to enjoy the Banff surrounds and will encourage networking, mentoring, and informal discussion between junior scholars interested in eugenics and Eugenics Archives team members.

Scope of Eugenics Poster with Mountains
Deadline for submissions : February 15th, 2015 EXTENDED to March 1, 2015 Acceptances : March 15th, 2015

Questions and submissions to the project director, Professor Rob Wilson :


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Conference: Health, Embodiment, and Visual Culture

Conference: “Health, Embodiment, and Visual Culture: Engaging Publics and Pedagogies”

November 19-20, 2010
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Conference Co-Chairs:
Sarah Brophy, Associate Professor, Department of English and Cultural Studies, McMaster University
Janice Hladki, Associate Professor, School of the Arts, McMaster University


This interdisciplinary conference seeks to explore how visual cultural practices image and imagine unruly bodies and, in so doing, respond to Patricia Zimmermann’s call for “radical media democracies that animate contentious public spheres” (2000, p. xx). Our aim is to explore how health, disability, and the body are theorized, materialized, and politicized in forms of visual culture including photography, video art, graphic memoir, film, body art and performance, and digital media. Accordingly, we invite proposals for individual papers and roundtables that consider how contemporary visual culture makes bodies political in ways that matter for the future of democracy. Proposals may draw on fields such as: visual culture, critical theory, disability studies, health studies, science studies, autobiography studies, indigenous studies, feminisms, queer studies, and globalization/transnationalism. Continue reading

Race: CFP

The Monist copy cover

The Monist copy cover; with a black background and blue font, it doesn't show up very well. Hopefully the inside is easier to read.

The Monist is currently looking for submissions on race, see behind the cut for full details.

Topic: This issue of The Monist will explore race both the concept and the category from a philosophical point of view. The focus will be not only on the metaphysical and epistemological issues related to racial classification, but also on the social and psychological aspects of race. What is race? What sort of category is it, ontologically speaking? Is it an empty category? If not, is it a biological kind, a social kind, or perhaps both? How is race conceptualized both scientifically and in everyday discourse? Continue reading

Care and the Art of Dwelling: Bodies, Technologies and Home

Call for Papers

Guest Eds. Domenech, M., Schillmeier, M.

Thinking about care practices entails a reflection concerning practices
of space. Heidegger´s notion of `dwelling as caring´ addresses this
relationship. In this vein we are interested in rethinking the concepts
and practices of care in contemporary societies. This special issue
focuses on new forms of spatialization in and through which care is
performed, questioned and altered. Emerging forms of spatialization, we
suggest, visualize care as an art of dwelling that constantly relates
humans and non-humans. Care as an art of dwelling, then, enacts
being-at-home by re-assembling bodies, emotions, technologies and places
in highly specific and complex ways.

Continue reading