Does Santa exploit elves? Philosophical questions about Christmas

For the hard-to-buy-for ideas person on your list let me suggest a book that has somehow appeared on my desk: Christmas: Philosophy for Everyone.

Subtitle: Better than a lump of coal.

Who sent it? Christopher Hitchens, or one of his legion of New Atheist supporters? No, I think not.

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What sorts of people get jobs?

The employment of persons with disabilities in the private sector can be described as a rare phenomenon, since persons with disabilities are perceived as needing accommodations that are either too expensive or too time consuming to put into place. In order to dispel some of the myths associated with employing persons with disabilities, AccessAbility has produced a manual titled “Employing the Disabled,” which covers everything from where to place job advertisements so that they can be read by persons with disabilities to how to conduct accessibility audits of office premises. Free download is available at