Philosophy, Eugenics and Disability in Alberta and Places North – Simo Vehmas Part 2

On October 25, 2008, the What Sorts Network hosted a public symposium to examine, well, philosophy, eugenics, and disability in Alberta and places north.  Four speakers were featured on the panel, Dick Sobsey, Simo Vehmas, Martin Tweedale, and Rob Wilson.  This event was video recorded and over the next month we will highlight these videos on this blog.  Roughly four videos will be featured each week.

To download the full description of the symposium please click here.

With this video we begin the second part of the presentation by Simo Vehmas (The first part may be found here).  Simo’s presentation is titled “Preventing Disability: Nordic Perspectives” and it focuses on summarizing past and present attitudes towards eugenic practices in Nordic countries, principally Finland, with special attention paid to attitudes and ideas around eugenic practices of preventing disability.

Part 2

Highlights: Lack of knowledge by sterilization victims about what was happening, total number of Finnish sterilization victims in, illusion of voluntary sterilization, logical flaw of “playing the Nazi card”, strategy for effective discussion in the face of embarrassment, and prevention of disability vs. providing autonomous choice.

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The Modern Pursuit of Human Perfection: Defining Who is Worthy of Life

The What Sorts Network, in conjunction with the Values and Ethics Task Force of the Canadian Association for Community Living (CACL) and the Alberta Association for Community Living (AACL), are pleased to announce a public dialogue on bioethics, medical ethics and the implications for people with disabilities. Details below, and in the poster, which you can download. Please pass the word along to any who may be interested. The public dialogue will kick off three days of jointly organized activities, including a free full day workshop, Families and Memory, on Friday 24th October, and a special invited session at the Western Canadian Philosophical Association: “Philosophy, Eugenics, Disability in Alberta and Places North” on Saturday 25th October. Further details shortly on the What Sorts blog, and at the What Sorts website. (Free registration for Families and Memory now open at the website.)

When: Thursday, October 23, 2008, 7-9pm

Where: ETLC 1-013, The Suncor Lecture Theatre, University of Alberta, Edmonton

Contact: Matt Mandrusiak, AACL, 780-451-3055, ext.226

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