Welcome to World Mental Day!

Today is World Mental Day–that other WMD, almost as unknown as the other is forgotten.

poster for World Mental Day showing a few faces

According to the World Health Organisation, mental and neurological disorders account for 11% of global disease burden and one per cent of the deaths. WHO predicts that these disorders may rise to 14.7% of the burden by the year 2020.

World health statistics 2008

I added the link to the new report in my blog see here
below just one part of the content of thaTen highlights in health statistics 7-34
Progress towards MDG 5: maternal mortality 8
Coverage gap and inequity in maternal, neonatal and child health interventions 10
HIV/AIDS estimates are revised downwards 13
Progress in the fight against malaria 15
Reducing deaths from tobacco 18
Breast cancer: mortality and screening 21
Divergent trends in mortality slow down improvements in life expectancy in Europe 24
Monitoring disease outbreaks: meningococcal meningitis in Africa 27
Future trends in global mortality: major shifts in cause of death patterns 29
Reducing impoverishment caused by catastrophic health care spending 32
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