One Thousand Women, One Thousand Stories: Nicola Fairbrother

Thanks to Nicola’s mum for this story about one of the moving forces behind the Living Archives on Eugenics project:

She leaves out that Nicola swears like a trooper and wields her cell phone like it is part of her body, but I guess most everyone already knows that.


Deadline: January 15th

ISHPSSB 2015: deadline for submissions JANUARY 15th, 2015.

The program co-chairs for ISH 2015 would like to remind LAE members and others interested in the philosophy, history, and social study of biology of the pending deadline for submissions for ISHPSSB 2015, which will be held in Montreal, July 5-10th.

Confirmed keynote speakers for the conference include Sandra Harding (gender, postcolonialism, and science) and Ford Doolittle (tree of life, microbial genome evolution). You can find the call for abstracts and further details here.

To date, we have accepted 40 organized sessions, and will continue to accept these on a daily basis over the coming weeks. We encourage those of you thinking of adding to this list or organized sessions with a proposal for either a standard formats or a diverse formats session to look to finalize those proposals by the deadline. You can check on the General Bulletin Board to see what sessions others are hoping to submit, as well as post there to solicit interest in a proposal of your own. Or just ask around, or ask us.

For those submitting individual papers and posters, please note that we will move to decisions regarding your submissions as soon as we can, once we schedule the organized sessions.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions, or let us know if there are ways in which we can help you get your abstracts in by the deadline.

Mark Borrello
Rob Wilson

Program Co-Chairs
ISH 2015

APA awarded $600K for PIKSI

Congratulations to the American Philosophical Association, which has been awarded a $600,000 grant from the Mellon Foundation to support PIKSI and other undergraduate diversity projects. See the full announcement at the link below.

Alberta Primetime: TONIGHT!

Leilani Muir & Rob Wilson will be on CTV 2 in Edmonton on Wednesday night at 6pm and 11pm MST talking with Shawna Randolph about Leilani’s book *A Whisper Past: Childless in Alberta after Eugenic Sterilization* & about the launch of the Eugenics Archives ( multimedia site. Check out and answer their question there: In your words, why is it so important to remember Alberta’s eugenics policy?cropped book cover

Introducing the “Did I Stutter?” blog

Earlier this year, Josh St. Pierre and Zach Richter started the very cool website and blog “Did I Stutter?”.  For and about people who stutter, and run by two savvy PWSs, the blog should get some attention from those reading Living Archives / What sorts posts.  With the most recent post, “Eugenics and the Cure for Stuttering”, Josh makes some of the connections here more overt:

Being from Alberta and knowing about our shameful eugenic history colours the search for a stuttering cure for me. As well intentioned as it may seem, a “cure” for stuttering cannot be separated from the idea and practise of eugenics that assumes the world would be a better place without disability, without us. We already screen for Down Syndrome since we have decided some lives are more valuable than others. In 20 years might we screen foetuses for stuttering?

You can read the whole post here .