What Sorts of Death Do We Choose?

The University of Manitoba’s VP-NET (Vulnerable Persons- New Emerging Team) now has a website in operation at http://www.umanitoba.ca/outreach/vpnet/ 

VP-Net looks at palliative care, euthanasia, and other end-of-life issues as they are applied to people with disabilities. The website is in its early stages but the site provides a quick way of getting acquainted with the project. 

2 thoughts on “What Sorts of Death Do We Choose?

  1. This looks like a worthy project. Doctors seem to have a real blind-spot when it comes to palliative care – and no doubt any kind of care where the outcome cannot promise to be ‘normal’ health. I was angry for a long time after our family doctor simply dumped my father once it was clear he wasn’t going to ‘get better’ from cancer. And it took quite some maneuvering to find him access to palliative care – which afforded him a little dignity in his final days.

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