All Wrapped Up: Complete Thinking in Action Series

Our Thinking in Action series combined podcasts from a the talks held at the Cognitive Disability conference in NYC in September 2008 with reflective comments from notable academics, philosophers, and people with personal investment or experience with the topics at hand. The series has now come to an end, but the blog posts remain and discussions are still taking place. If you are just learning about this series for the first time don’t worry about searching through all the posts on our blog to try and find the relevant ones, they are all collected here, in reverse chronological order. Or you can get them all strung together simply by using “Thinking in Action” in the pull down menu under “Categories” in the left-hand scroll bar. Thanks to our bloggers Julie Maybee, Ron Amundson, Angie, Marc Workman, Miss Cato, Dick Sobsey, and Spirit of our Time!

13. Samantha, Loss, and Ableism


12. The Myth of the Dispassionate, Disengaged, Objective Philosophical Stance


11. Ian Hacking’s critique of the Theory-of-Mind-deficit theory of autism


10. Can thought experiments harm people?


9. Rethinking “Conceptions of the Good” in Light of Intellectual Disability: What’s dependence got to do with it?


8. Undoing the binary of cognitive ability and cognitive disability


7. The Central Question


6. Animal Rights: Gorilla Sued for Sexual Harassment


5. Peter Singer & Profound Intellectual Disability


4. The ethics of exclusion, the morality of abortion, and animals


3. What are the deep facts about our moral status?


2. Singer’s Assault on Universal Human Rights


1. Peter Singer on Parental Choice, Disability, and Ashley X


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